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InDidjInUs 2020 Safe and Virtual


This year marks the 25th annual InDidjInUs gathering, and as the world changes in unexpected ways, we choose to treat it us an unexpected opportunity.

We are pleased to announce the Safe and Virtual InDidjInUs 2020, to take place August 14-16: this year online instead of our traditional gathering.

This year we hope to be able to reach many who have not been able to make it in person.

The event will feature online workshops, live performances by your favorite artists, and open mic. There will be no charge for the event, but we will be seeking donations for operating expenses and for the artists. We are now a 501(c)3 non-profit, so any donations are tax-deductible!

We are inspired and excited by the amazing and highly successful online Deep South Didge Fest 3 hosted by William MacGavin and Lauren Musgrove in April, and look forward to the opportunity to grow our existing connections and expand to new ones.

We will provide additional updates as we ​get​ ​closer​.​ ​Please​ ​plan​ ​on​ ​joining​ ​us!

We accept donations year round! Your donations insure the continuance of InDidjInUs the Gathering. You can donate here anytime!


Our mission is dedicated to sharing the music, history, craft, and culture of the didgeridoo. We gather once a year and hope to make it a year round collective, sharing our love of the Didge with children and schools, promoting awareness and education of the Aboriginal culture and their traditions.


With​ ​blessings​ ​and​ ​gratitude, and hope for everyone’s continued safety.