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Big news, everyone!
Book your flights and pack your bags

August 11-13 at Neal Creek Resort in Scio, Oregon!


InDidjInUs is alive and well and working towards its 22nd iteration! We’re bringing it back this year with better organization and management, more enthusiasm, more intention, and more bliss. We’ve taken the lessons we learned in 2016 and are moving forward with the confidence that we can and will improve on last year’s gatherings. We think this will be something really special.


We would like to thank you for the continued support you have provided over the year(s). We are ALL responsible for co-creating this truly unique gathering known as InDidjInUs and we certainly could not do this without you.
This year has had some interesting challenges, for which several of us have been working very hard to resolve. We are experimenting with InDidjInUs as a non-profit organization, and we are stepping in to fill the vast void of not having Chad at the helm. We appreciate all the support and love we have received from each of you during this time, as we continue to hold on to the vision of this magical gathering.

We have recently received a few large donations which have brought us very close to meeting our 2016 budget. All of the performers have finally been paid (the check is in the mail) and we’re able to proceed with our plans for the upcoming year with a clean slate.

We’ve brought on a number new board members, Tad Kershner, Ray Lingel, William Thoren, and Tiffany Walker-Barkman. Each of these members has a unique set of skills that they bring to the board and we’re all really excited about these new additions.

As part of our ongoing effort to foster change, create new patterns, and bring the didgeridoo to a wider audience, we will continue organizing fundraisers as a form of outreach.

You may have seen a post on the forum which contained a series of questions for the community. We are editing that to bring it up to date and we intend to send it out to everyone on our email list as soon as we have it together. If we don’t have your email address, please contact us at this link

InDidjInUs was born in 1996 from a dream of creating a gathering that brings together the didgeridoo community. We are in the process of forming as a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to sharing the music, history, craft, and culture of the didjeridu.

From the very first year we had international attendance and it quickly grew to several hundred folks coming together annually to share good times, good jams, good food, wide ranging workshops, entertainment and fellowship in a natural loving environment. InDidjInUs has grown to become the largest international gathering of didgeridoo enthusiasts in the Americas.

Please check out the links at the top of this page for more information, including the event’s background,  FAQ, venue information, costs, vending information, and an open forum for those who want to create an account and learn more about how to become involved in both of these co-created events.

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