InDidjInUs was born in 1996 from a dream of creating a gathering that brings together the didgeridoo community. We are in the process of forming as a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to sharing the music, history, craft, and culture of the didjeridu.

From the very first year we had international attendance and it quickly grew to several hundred folks coming together annually to share good times, good jams, good food, wide ranging workshops, entertainment and fellowship in a natural loving environment. InDidjInUs has grown to become the largest international gathering of didgeridoo enthusiasts in the Americas.

In 2016, we are hosting two events: The Conference – held in Scio, Oregon on the second weekend of August, and the Festival – held in Tidewater, Oregon on the third weekend of August. Both events will showcase some of the world’s finest talent, but each has its own unique flavor.

Please check out the links at the top of this page for more information, including the event’s background, an FAQ, venue information, costs, vending information, and an open forum for those who want to create an account and learn more about how to become involved in both of these co-created events.

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