2018 Artist Applications

Applications are closed at this time but…

We have all the performers we need.  We may have room for vendors and workshops.  Contact us if you would like to vend or teach a workshop


  • Below is a combined application form for performing artists, workshop presenters, and vendors. If you would like to be more than one of those things, please fill out a separate application for each.
  • We are collecting this information so we can publicize your attendance on our site.  
  • The information you provide will be copied and pasted, so you are responsible for the content (to a point)
  • If you have been a vendor/musician/teacher in the past, you still have to submit an application so we have more accurate info on you and can better represent/advertise you on our site.
  • If you feel we already have your updated information (from 2016) please contact us to let us know of your intention to attend.
  • If you need help filling out the form please contact us and we can help you figure it out.
  • If you are a vendor and are not sure if your products meet our guidelines, please submit an application and we’ll let you know.

Categories for vending are as follows:

1. Didgeridoos and didge-related products that musicians would be interested in
2. Musical instruments and other related products


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