What are the dates of InDidjInUs 2024?

August Aug 9-11, 2024

Where is it located?

Neal Creek Resort 44644 Camp Morrison Dr Scio, Oregon 97374 Note: Neal Creek Resort no longer has a website. Google Map: https://goo.gl/maps/5ZtKDsPERPy Neal Creek Resort has stopped hosting public events, the Google Map will show NCR as closed, you can ignore that.

What does it cost?

Your memberships can be purchased through https://indidjinus.square.site/ We accept donations year round! Donations ensure the continuance of InDidjInUs.

How do I pay?

Your memberships can be purchased here: https://indidjinus.square.site/

What do I get with my membership?

  • Entry to InDidjInUs for the weekend
  • A weekend full of workshops
  • Camping along beautiful Neal Creek
  • Vegetarian meals
  • Showers
  • Parking
Your memberships can be purchased here: https://squareup.com/store/indidjinus International memberships can be purchased here: https://indidjin.us/paypal/

What are the rules?

Love and respect yourself and keep yourself safe
Love and respect others and help keep each other safe
Have fun
No drugs or alcohol
No dogs

When can I show up? / When do I have to leave?

We have access to the venue starting FRIDAY MORNING We need to leave by MONDAY NOON

What do I need for my stay?

  • The cost of camping is included in your membership.
  • Most people tent camp, but there is a bunk house that sleeps 10 people in the bunks, more on the floor.
  • Bring clothing and camping supplies for cool evenings and hot days. It can cool down to the 40s and night and up into the 90s during the day. It has been known to rain during the summer in Oregon, so be prepared for anything.
  • There is clean drinking water on site and there are showers.
  • There are no private fires but you may bring your own cook stove if needed.
  • Meals are provided but it is a good idea to bring your own food and in case of food allergies and particular eaters.
  • Grocery stores are about 30 minutes away, one way. There is no ice available on site.
  • There will be clean porta potties throughout the property.
  • There is a cool creek, a waterfall, and a large resonant culvert.
  • There is no ATM, mobile data, or Wi-Fi available on site so be prepared for/with CASH.
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Can I bring my dog?


We love our K-9 family. Many (if not most) members are dog owners. We all leave them safe and cared for at home or in a kennel. If you have a furry pal who needs you close, we recommend Divine Dog Boarding. They are half an hour away from Neal Creek. You can go visit as much as they need.

Divine Dog Boarding
1885 W. Washington St.
Stayton, OR 97383
(503) 769-DOGS (3647)

Are there hotels/motels nearby?

The closest motel is about 15 miles away.  If you expand to 30 miles you will have more choices.
Here is a Google Map of local hotels/motels.

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There will be a vegetarian kitchen serving meals throughout the weekend.
Meals are included in your membership purchase. The closest grocery store is 30 minutes away, one way.
Please bring your own dishes and utensils! There will a dish washing station available for you to wash your own dishes.

Vending Fees and Guidelines

Northwest DidgeFest Vending Guidelines:


Application Deadline is August 1st 2023


Please click HERE to apply.

We have established a juried process for those wanting to participate. Vending space is limited so please understand that we may not be able to accommodate everyone. Please fill out the form completely.

Categories for vending:

1. Didgeridoos and Didge-related products that musicians would be interested in 2. Musical instruments and music related items


We ask for 10% of your sales.


Vending is a juried process, meaning items will be judged for their characteristics and quality. Vending space is limited and we want to ensure we provide vending opportunities for those folks who come to the gathering with items we know the community is interested in. We will consider unique items that do not fall into the categories listed above, but you must submit a detailed request with your application. Please note that vending any type of paraphernalia is not allowed.

Oversize vehicles

There is very little room for oversized vehicles on-site.  Please go to https://indidjin.us/contact and select the “RV Parking” option in the drop down menu to contact us so we can make accommodations for you.

I have sleep apnea, where can I plug in my CPAP?

There is no electricity in the camping area.  Running an extension cord is not practical due to length and tripping hazards.  Most CPAP users bring a deep cycle (marine) battery and use a power inverter to power the device.  We recognize this isn't ideal and can be a somewhat costly setup, but it isn't a bad idea to have this in the case of power outages and other camping events.

There are plenty of places to charge your battery during the day.

For info on how to build this kind of portable power setup, you may contact Jeremiah Barkman a board member on this website.

I want to help/volunteer

We do need your help!

Contact us: https://indidjin.us/contact and select the “I Want To Volunteer” option in the drop down menu.
InDidjInUs is Co-Created, in addition to your membership, we need you as a volunteer!

Why the change in venue etc?

Over the last few years, as the community built InDidjInUs into a larger and higher energy celebration, many of the long-time attendees of InDidjInUs were feeling a need to re-establish the original intention of the gathering as an intimate didgeridoo educational and cultural event. When Chad left InDidjInUs in the hands of the community, a non-profit organization was born and has allowed us to move forward with a structure to make decisions as a group. Being a non-profit also allows us to work with cultural and governmental organizations to arrange funding for more international attendance.

In 2016 InDidjInUs began using a new venue, Neal Creek Resort. This is the second change of venue over the years. InDidjInUs is a gathering, not a place. This tribe will likely become nomadic from time to time, looking for the perfect venue to celebrate the didgeridoo.

Can I still donate?

  We are a 501(c)3 non-profit, so your donations are tax-deductible! In addition, if our financial goals are met, we may offer scholarships for those who show talent/interest in the didgeridoo and would like to attend but lack the finances to make it happen.

What is the structure of InDidjInUs?

InDidjInUs is a membership-based, non-profit organization. As such, we are dedicated to promoting the music, culture and crafting of the didgeridoo. Founded by Chad Butler in 1996 in Scio, Oregon, it has grown to become the largest international didgeridoo gathering in the Americas. Each year musicians, friends, and didgeridoo enthusiasts attend from all corners of the world in an intimate setting where everyone can learn from and teach one another.

InDidjInUs exists to facilitate the gathering of the didgeridoo community, musicians and music enthusiasts alike, so they can learn from each other, establish friendships, and share their talents with love and respect, with physical, mental, and emotional safety. The organization works to advance environmental stewardship and sustainability at all levels and to recognize the importance of protecting and managing the environment wisely. It also seeks to support the community which has recognized the uniquely powerful art form of music to engender emotions and stir people to action, to stimulate community engagement in all facets of the gathering.

What is the InDidjInUs Mission Statement?

The InDidjInUs Mission Statement

Dedicated to sharing the music, history, craft, and culture of the didgeridoo.