Why the change in venue etc?

Over the last few years, as the community built InDidjInUs into a larger and higher energy celebration, many of the long-time attendees of InDidjInUs were feeling a need to re-establish the original intention of the gathering as an intimate didgeridoo educational and cultural event. When Chad left InDidjInUs in the hands of the community, a non-profit organization was born and has allowed us to move forward with a structure to make decisions as a group. Being a non-profit also allows us to work with cultural and governmental organizations to arrange funding for more international attendance.

In 2016 InDidjInUs began using a new venue, Neal Creek Resort. This is the second change of venue over the years. InDidjInUs is a gathering, not a place. This tribe will likely become nomadic from time to time, looking for the perfect venue to celebrate the didgeridoo.