Vending Fees and Guidelines

Northwest DidgeFest Vending Guidelines:


Application Deadline is August 1st 2023


Please click HERE to apply.

We have established a juried process for those wanting to participate. Vending space is limited so please understand that we may not be able to accommodate everyone.

Please fill out the form completely.

Categories for vending:

1. Didgeridoos and Didge-related products that musicians would be interested in
2. Musical instruments and music related items


We ask for 10% of your sales.


Vending is a juried process, meaning items will be judged for their characteristics and quality. Vending space is limited and we want to ensure we provide vending opportunities for those folks who come to the gathering with items we know the community is interested in. We will consider unique items that do not fall into the categories listed above, but you must submit a detailed request with your application. Please note that vending any type of paraphernalia is not allowed.