InDidjInUs was born in 1996 from a dream of creating a gathering to bring together the didgeridoo community.

From the very first year we had international attendance and it quickly grew to several hundred folks coming together annually to share good times, good jams, good food, wide ranging workshops, enjoy entertainment and fellowship in a natural loving environment.

In the beginning, InDidjInUs was a free event, supported by the cooperative effort of those attending through donations of moneys, supplies, efforts, ideas, and plenty of mirth. We are now in a transition to a community of contributing members.  The focus of InDidjInUs remains on the community within the didge scene, and InDidjInUs will continue to fill your quota of hugs and new friends. You’ll also get a chance to learn and share in organized workshops, be amazed by the talent being displayed by performers on the stage or around the campfire at night, enjoy dee-licious vegetarian meals from our kitchen, splash and play in the creek when hot gets hot, enjoy falling asleep to the sweet babble of the creek with distant didj, drum, and laughter from around the campfire, and wake up to the same. You’ll likely get a new sense of how possible it is to co-create an environment in which every person becomes a leader, teacher and student. There are plenty of big names that attend but here every person is a shining star.

InDidjInUs is held on private land in a remote location in Oregon. There is a constant supply of food coming from our kitchen. There are showers for washing up and a creek for cooling off. You need only to bring whatever camping gear would make you comfortable and whatever props and toys to facilitate fun fun fun.

If you have questions you can contact us and we’ll do our best to get them answered as quickly as possible.