What is the structure of InDidjInUs?

InDidjInUs is a membership-based, non-profit organization. As such, we are dedicated to promoting the music, culture and crafting of the didgeridoo. Founded by Chad Butler in 1996 in Scio, Oregon, it has grown to become the largest international didgeridoo gathering in the Americas. Each year musicians, friends, and didgeridoo enthusiasts attend from all corners of the world in an intimate setting where everyone can learn from and teach one another.

InDidjInUs exists to facilitate the gathering of the didgeridoo community, musicians and music enthusiasts alike, so they can learn from each other, establish friendships, and share their talents with love and respect, with physical, mental, and emotional safety. The organization works to advance environmental stewardship and sustainability at all levels and to recognize the importance of protecting and managing the environment wisely. It also seeks to support the community which has recognized the uniquely powerful art form of music to engender emotions and stir people to action, to stimulate community engagement in all facets of the gathering.