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Karen Bishop

Hello everyone! I received this email from Daniel Dillon about volunteering at the Festival. Please read and contact him if you are interested:

This is Daniel from Prindel Creek Farm.

If you are interested in volunteering at the Festival, please take a moment to email me and let me know your name, if you have a volunteer preference, and when you plan to arrive. Work shifts are 4 hours – and I hope we will have enough volunteers to cover all the work areas.
Prindel Creek Farm and InDidjInUs appreciates everything you do for the farm and the event. You are an important part of making InDidjInUs the family reunion that brings energy back into all our lives.
Here is a list of areas that offer opportunities to volunteer:
Kitchen – Food handlers card is strongly suggested – Click on this link to get a Food Handlers Card online
Hospitality – Keeping workers in the field hydrated and comfortable
Parking – Helping people park vehicles in the appropriate place
Campground Host – Guide campers – answer questions – liaison to the event
Welcome Tent Registration – Membership –¬†Assist with membership fees – answer questions – wristbands
Technology РAssist with internet Рwifi РiPad and computer problems
Child Area – Assist children with arts and crafts
Recycling – Organize cardboard – glass – metal – returnables
Dish Washing Area – Assist patrons washing, rinsing, and sanitizing their dishes – keep area clean
Bridge – Assist the event center (PCF) in constructing a log bridge to the camping area – bring tools and construction experience
Medical Professional – First Responder – Nurse – Doctor – Firefighter – Defibrillator


Thank you,
Daniel Dillon