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Ray Lingel

So I’ll kick this off. I wrote my response to the Questions back in September, and have been waiting for a call for our answers. Absent that call, here is what I wrote. Some of it is now moot (yay for a single venue!). Knowing that the plan is for Neal Creek again, I would add that I implore people to not divide our energy and divert any of it to Prindel Creek. I loved it there, and would happily go back at some point, but we don’t have the energy to even think about two venues this year. I think I’ll post it on our Facebook site too.

Wow. This is going to take a while…
I’ve been attending Indijinus for 6 years. High quality workshops are important to me.I like the vending to be didge focused. A spiritual component is ok, as are other music vendors. But the standard commercial vendors- jewelry, T-shirts, and the like do not belong, imho.
Prior to this year, there were conflicting and sometimes low-quality workshops. The conflicts bothered me the most, as the ones I want to attend the most were often given at the same time.
I’m not a vegetarian, but I have seen the kitchen improve its food quality over the years. As a former chef tho, I have ongoing sanitation concerns, especially with having people wash their own dishes in funky water.
I enjoy Prindel Creek Farm, but I don’t think it is essential. A venue like it is tho. Rural, no cell phones, free style camping.
Indijinus means the didjeridoo tribe and family and a unique opportunity to steep myself in the community and the caring and the music. For weeks after, I hear didge music in my head, and think constantly about the wonderful people and the overall experience and the new friends I’ve made, and what I’ve learned and the incredible world-class music and the people who perform it. Just writing this chokes me up. It is all so wonderful!
I’m not sure how it could be made better. This year’s conference was the best ever. It was one amazing experience after another.
I would be happiest with one event. I can’t attend two, and I feel left out to only attend one if there are two. I chose the conference this year because early on there was no choice. I would be happiest with a melding of the two. Perhaps an additional day to facilitate quality workshops and transitioning into more of the festival for a grand finale.
I would happily pay $150 for a single event. I would pay more. What is important to me is that the event become and remain viable. The current prices are a bargain! If 2/3 of the attendees fall away because they can’t free load, then the projected expenses should be divided among the expected attendees in order to determine the ticket price.
If two events continued, I would attend the conference. But I would be very unhappy having to make the choice, because I can only attend one.
I think charging for the event will take care of the biggest problems that have developed- people who don’t pay and thus don’t help support Indijinus, and partiers who aren’t really into didjeridoo and our tribe, and vendors who try to sell irrelevant crap, and the perennial budget shortfall.
I’m always willing to do a bit of random volunteer work in the kitchen or wherever. I donate whatever I am able.
I love that it is a safe and family friendly event!! And I love that no dogs are allowed!
I don’t think that drugs and alcohol have a place at Indijinus. Maybe discreet legal pot smoking as has been allowed at PCF, but that’s it.
I think a back to back event covering one or more additional days is a great idea!
I travel 10-11 hours. 500 miles one way. That’s about my limit.
As for jams vs amplified music sessions- I thought the conference was perfect. At PCF I have always loved the Teepee and other impromptu jams. So I guess I think both are important.
I think organic food is important. And it needs to be palatable too. I mostly bring my own food tho, so this is not a top priority for me. I usually eat only three or four meals at the kitchen.
I think didge workshops are the most important. It’s fine if there are others, but not at the exclusion of any available didge workshop.

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