Dan Flynn


Designing and crafting his didgeridoos in collaboration with Frank Geipel (creator of Computer Aided Didgeridoo Sound Design, or CADSD), Dan Flynn explores the melodic range of the didgeridoo–traditionally a drone instrument.

His experience as a drummer and student of music theory enriches his unique approach, as he integrates simultaneously the didgeridoo and various percussion accessories to produce a sound best described as “organic electronica”.


Applied Didgeridoo Music Theory:

A) Theoretical side — This is an exploration of how the interval relationships between the playable resonances of a simple pipe underlie the whole of music theory. With its expanded range in contemporary playing styles, the didge is conceived of as a “melodic drone” instrument. We will map out this full melodic range.

B) Applied Side — The workshop will cover various playing techniques used to sound the different resonances of the expanded range (e.g., toots, false toots, open-tones, and vocals) on any given didge.”

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