Jeremiah Barkman 2017

Jeremiah Barkman


Jeremiah has been performing Didgeridoo on stages across the western states for 20 years. He brings together the sounds of the ancient and the modern from all over the world. He is now working with a team of software developers to create the worlds first app for learning to build didgeridoo rhythms, and compose songs. Jeremiah is also creating a didgeridoo written language he calls the DidgIt Syllabary. He collects sounds that people are making with the didge and adds them to his ever growing syllabary. The goal is to create a complete notation library of didgeridoo sounds to record our songs.


Jeremiah Barkman will demonstrate the DidgIt Didgeridoo rhythm composing and recording software. He will walk you through the vision and history of creating a universal didgeridoo language, the DidgIt Syllabary.

The DidgIt mobile app allows didgeridoo rhythm development using the DidgIt Syllabary. Workshop attendees will get an opportunity to use the DidgIt app for themselves and develop their own rhythms.

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