Pamela Mortensen

Pamela Mortensen


Life long musician, Pamela Mortensen blends elements of voice, snappy rhythms, dynamics, urban and belly dancing beats with a stomp box, a battery of hand percussion and a songwriter’s sensibilities to make music that is easy to listen to and unexpectedly interesting. She draws from her experience to compose, perform and record both solo and collaborative projects weaving many sounds and feeling from the lyrical to full on shamanistic trance dance. She takes these songs to stage, house concerts, dance floors and street to share her enthusiasm and love for this instrument.

Didgeridoo isn’t Mortensen’s only tool of music, however, She is also an accomplished keyboard player, Native American flute player, singer and electronic musician. Her accomplishments also include graduating from Cornish College of the Art and winning a number of awards including 1998 and 1999 Seattle Artist Award from the Seattle Arts Comission and ASCAP’s New Artist Award in 2004. Artists she has collaborated with include Egyptian tabla virtuaoso George Sedak, ambient trance band Citta Flow and tribal dance electronic musician DJ French Connection. Her music has also been featured in the fantasy film Other World by director and producer Gisela Pereira.


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Don’t be shy! Bring your didge, a notebook or phone to record with and your questions or desires on where you want to go in your didge playing and we will work on some solutions you can take home and practice with.


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