William MacGavin

My name is William MacGavin. I have been making and playing didgeridoos for the past decade. My passion for this instrument is inspired by the community that surrounds it. This will be my 7th trek to the InDidjInUs Gathering, I am very excited to share and learn from our experiences with the didge.

In college, I studied Architectural Engineering, and used the methods I learned to study didge physics and design, using technology to determine the shape of sound. I have brought contemporary didge to a variety of musical groups, from prog rock to jazz to orchestra. Just like many of our tribe, I am always searching for creative ways to respectfully play this sacred instrument. Since I have graduated from college, I now bring my passion for this instrument to children, to inspire future generations.

This year, I hope to inspire others to think out of the box, and develop their own methods and styles to appreciate and play the didgeridoo!



Backwards Didgeridoo and Technical Creativity

In the spirit of novelty, I am offering a new approach to playing the didgeridoo: Backwards Didgeridoo!

Normally, the didgeridoo is played by exhaling the breath to vibrate the lips, this method of playing is based on inhaling air to create vibrational sound. For some, circular breathing seems out of reach, for others, its is second nature. This method can help a didge player of any level to continue their rhythm, without pause, and without circular breathing. Backwards playing can be used to play the drone, trumpet-notes, multidrone-notes, pedal tone, or any resonance the instrument has to offer.

This workshop will challenge your creativity, lending you an out-of-the-box perspective to advance your playing in new and exciting ways.

This workshop was a bunch of fun at the 2017 gathering, I hope to make some noise with you this time around!


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Backwards Didgeridoo
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