William Thoren


William Thoren is a musician, didgeridoo crafter and half of the hip hop/funk/didge duo Gorangutang. He is best known for inventing the Multidrone Didgeridoo and crafting this new breed of instrument under his name sake brand WET Didgeridoo. His solo performances mix his interval-tuned mulitdrone didgeridoos with music composed around their unique tuning. He has toured extensively with George Clinton & P Funk and appears on the title track of the new Funkadelic album “First You Gotta Shake The Gate”.

Workshop One

1.Multidrone Basics: Learn how to play an octave below the drone on any didge that has a large enough mouthpiece. Learn how to build lip strength to control everything below the drone.

2. Advanced Rhythms: Map and grow your technical vocabulary. Build speed and articulation in your playing without over working your body. Players will exercise several rhythms to help navigate different styles and techniques with fluidity.
Both 1.5 hours


Event Timeslots (2)

Building Advanced Fluid Range Control, Articulation, and Note Transitions
Bring a didge
All abilities

Multidrone Basics
No didge required
All abilities