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Stacy Sellers

I think that we will meet our minimum requirement to not go into debt this year. I’m excited to see what we can do with the scholarship potential. Personally I’d like to have some kids at the Conference. I don’t feel like we got specific enough at the meeting as to our requirements for scholarship applicants. Here are some ideas:

*No age limit but youth are especially encouraged (unless we are making kids free then it doesn’t matter)
*Low income (do we recommend that you make less than $X per year or just trust that they are legit?)
*Do you have to just have an interest in the didgeridoo or do you have to have your own didge, etc? Do you have to have any experience (didg/music) at all or just enthusiasm?
*Must write an essay as to why they should get the scholarship with information such as:
Age and location
About you
What excites you about the didgeridoo?
Why you are excited to attend the Conference?

Deciding who gets them will be easy if we have 6 or more scholarships to give away. I think we could aim for 2-5

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