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Robert K

I don’t know enough about this to say what is right either way.

I do know that for the most part many people vending at PCF have contributed monetarily, skills and labor and general good vibes. Ala the McCaslin tribe with their raffles, and jam area, the Co-Op booth that offers Lewis, Margot’s Drums and inexpensive instruments and Cd’s, Pam’s Cds, Jeramiah’s Cds……Steve and Johnna’s arts and lessons…. Far exceeding $50….others like Jeff set up a ping pong table that lotsa folks enjoy and offers low cost crafting….In the past there have been the Lohr’s with their instruments and jam area, Geoff Frost….Who knows who the next creative young person will be to step up and carry the spirit but just needs an opening?

Sure some others that just take advantage, but the $50 entrance may be enough to limit that. And remember a frequent topic in Indij discussions over the years…when people are told that “You are required to pay X amount” they will pay that and no more.

Anyway, that’s just my 2 cents, either way I am certain it will all manifest exactly as it was destined to;)

peace, Robert