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    Hey everyone.
    Since I’m trying this new thing called delegation I’ll be working on organizing the forums to be more clearly defined for discussions.

    I’d like to start out by saying that I think this year’s InDidjInUs was one of the best we’ve seen in a while and I’m really happy to have been a part of it. It looked like everyone enjoyed themselves.

    I want to try to capture some of this positive energy now, while it’s still strong, and remind people that with enough planners, it could take a lot of people very little work to pull this thing off each year. It would be and feel a lot more community created which was always the vision. Don’t go drifting off too soon, we’ll be contacting everyone who wants to help out soon and we’ll be working on organizing so it’s easier for you to know what you can do.

    Having said all that, I’d like to comment on some things that I think we can improve on next year. This list is a lot shorter than last year which is really good.

    • Trash: apparently we’re contractually supposed to take care of it but they didn’t seem to be concerned about it
    • Cars in the venue: parking is hard there, but we’re all smart enough to figure this one out, we need to enforce removing vehicles from the venue, encourage carpooling, and maybe have a defined place to sleep in vehicles
    • Smoking area: any place before the entrance and it’s the first thing people arriving see, ideas? Farther down the road puts it close to people sleeping in vehicles (unless we resolve that too)
    • Overworked understaffed underpaid kitchen: Kitchen works way way too hard. IMO we don’t pay them nearly enough for the amount of work they do yet this year’s kitchen costs were pretty high while there were some food shortfalls at the same time.
    • Cleanup crew: we do a pretty good job keeping it clean but I would really like to see a cleanup crew of at least a few people
    • Communications and rule “enforcement”: Getting people to read about what we want them to know so no one has to feel like they are having to tell someone what to do or enforce any rules.
    • Gazebo: we didn’t have anything going on at the gazebo and I feel like that part of the venue kinda got ignored compared to past events.
    • Hand washing station near kitchen
    • Medic: Point out the medic and have radios to contact them
    • Signage:  I forgot the sign but NCR has those sandwich boards which we can make our own InDidjInUs signs which fit in them at 18″ x 24″
    • Predetermined workshop locations
    • Moar toilet lights
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    Would like to see flyers by at least Memorial Day weekend so they can make it to Folklife in Seattle, maybe something for Seattle World Rhythm Festival in late April.  You guys knows what it means to have flyers that early.


    Terri Allen

    I updated the proposed committee structure to include the feedback you provided in this thread. I’m suggesting having an information booth that is staffed a specific number of hours each day at set times where folks can ask FAQs, buy merch, and access medical care.

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    Thanks Terri.

    Would you be ok with (you or me) putting that into a Google Document so I don’t have to keep downloading it each time?  It gives us space to comment directly in the document.  It’s also ok if you don’t want to work that way.

    Terri Allen

    You can put it in whatever format is useful.

    Margot Monti

    I’m here to help in any way I can! Let’s keep the momentum going…


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