2016 October 6th – InDidjInUs Fundraiser PDX

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    InDidjInUs Fundraiser PDX <= click that link


    DIDGERIDOO GROOVING with Pamela Mortensen and Jeremiah Barkman on Sunday October 9th, from 3:30-9 PM. Special guest appearance by the one and only Daniel Taylor plus a few musical surprises. There will be some amazing Indian cuisine. Please join us for a great time and a great cause! So hold on to something and let go of your cash…because here’s the menu for Sunday night¬† – prepared by the incredibly lovely and talented Marygold…what would you pay for this at a restaurant?

    Indian Feast Menu:

    Organic Corn and Carrot Dumplings with Dipping Sauces.
    Winter Squash and Toor Dal Bisque

    Sak, fresh greens cooked in their own juices with spices.
    Bandgobhi Alu Sabji, fried cabbage, tomatoes, potatoes and other vegetables with sweat Indian spices.
    Braised Chicken with optional Biryani Sauce (very spicy)
    Basmati Rice
    Plum Chutney
    Super Spicy Tomato Chutney
    Raita, cooling yoghurt with mint and coriander

    Phal Ka Halva, with apples, raisins and almonds
    Besan laddu, chick pea flour with butter, walnuts and dried fruit.

    Gently Spiced Apple Cider
    Chai Tea

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