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    Stacy Sellers

    Ondrej wrote to me today. I’m just going to copy and paste his message here so you know he loves you firsthand. <3

    dear folks…
    I have to apologise for not coming this year to this family gathering .
    It is my family gathering as well, so thats why i apologise. I miss you guys.
    All vibe of our indijinus weekend. I miss trees, creek, night stars sky,
    talk with all of you…
    What i couldnot fulfil this summer due to delay on my work here and also
    financing all tour...
    I promise to make next year. I am planning to do again long trip, with
    visit of all places, as years before…
    If anyone would be interested to put their place on map of that tour,
    please take chance to leave contact to Chad Butler.
    Enjoy this year, say hello to creek, say hello to trees, say hello to
    night fire….
    Take chance to talk, to learn, to spread happy presence with no fear or
    doubt, to celebrate being… World needs it.
    I love you guys!!!!
    Ondrej S.
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    Jason Stoehr

    Oh, man! So much love back, Ondrej!!!

    We’re feelin’ your vibes over here and look forward to reconnecting. Will pass on the love to the land and eachother <3

    Margie Grinnell

    Dear Ondrej,

    Thanks for your message. We love you  and miss your presence here. If contributions to your airfare would help, just let us know. You are always welcome here at Prindel Creek Farm to stay as long as you like.

    Stacy Sellers

    Ondrej cannot see your responses but I will pass along the info next time I talk to him.

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