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    Robert K

    I have several nice Aboriginal and Didgeridoo items I would like to donate to the Conference effort. Since it’s focus is learning about the culture and instrument it seems appropriate.
    To start with I have about 6 kinda rare CDs of old traditional Yidaki and Mago songs and singing.. I say rare, because these are legitimate printings of old LP recordings, some back in the 60’s. Some are more recent like the Djalu CD. But as far as I know they are al out of print.
    Including Songs From the Northern Territories, Djalu, Blasni, Groote Island and a couple others.
    Also some great books on Aboriginal art and people, especially the Youlngu.
    I also have a lot of less traditional CD’s like Hudson etc that I could add to the pile.
    There is a bark painting with a tag from Yirrkala Outstation about the time Randin Graves was probably there.
    These items I will donate 100% to the Conference.

    I also have a great Djalu Yidaki, very traditional style. I purchased it from Ben Hicks over 15 years ago and he purchased it from Djalu on one of his trips to NEAL.
    I am asking $550 for that and I will donate $150 of that…I’m pretty sure an online store would have a $900 or more price on it.

    So my question is: How best to proceed? A table in the vendor area, a price tag on each item? A silent raffle, maybe with a “buy it now” price? On the Yidaki, maybe a silent auction with a minimum of $450 and anything over $400 goes to Indidj-Con?
    I’d like to get the best value for them for the benefit of the Conference, but I also know lotsa folks don’t come with much money…and I want to sell them and support the effort. How would the board or others suggest I proceed?

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