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    If you are having trouble logging in it is usually due to the following issues.

    You had the site generate your password and now can’t login
    – I’m not sure that feature works correctly so use the “Lost your password?” feature at the login page and get a new password.

    You have forgotten your password.
    – Use the “Lost your password?” feature at the login page.

    You fill in your username and password and it doesn’t work
    – Most people are using the wrong username in this case, please check your registration activation email to make sure you use the correct username
    – If that doesn’t work, use the “Lost your password?” procedure, but you still need to use the correct username
    – Still not working? This seems to be a password autocomplete issue for most people. Disable the password autocomplete in your browser and use the “Lost your password?” feature one last time.
    – Still not working? Contact me at select the “Website Issue” option in the drop down and I’ll email you a working username and password

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