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    Stacy Sellers


    *Beginner/Intermediate Didgeridoo Playing- with Lewis Burns
    This class will focus on the basic drone and adding lung and tongue rhythms

    *Intermediate/Advanced Didgeridoo Playing- with Lewis Burns
    This class will focus on rapid beats and circular breathing

    *Traditional Didj Playing from the North East to western Arnhem Land Australia- with Quinto Calarco
    Learn how the didg was discovered, how it is made, traditional names for Didj, recreational uses, meanings in ceremony, uses in healing, and didj and gender.
    Explore traditional playing using tongue and voice, sounds, tone, rhythm, technique, diaphragm circular breathing, calls and exercises.
    This class is for everyone, beginner and up

    *Circular Breathing- with Daniel Miller
    Get an introduction to circular breathing or get help honing and improving your breathing skills.

    *Rhythm Composition Using the Didgit Syllabary- with Jeremiah Barkman
    Didgeridoo & Linguistics
    Philosophy and sources of the written didgeridoo Syllabary.
    Introduction of a simple process to create didgeridoo rhythms using written notation of syllables.
    Demonstration of DidgIt mobile didgeridoo rhythm composition software.

    *The Didjeridu – A Whole Body Instrument – Advanced Playing with Stephen Kent.
    Diaphram rhythm and playing techniques
    Multiple layering of sound
    Advanced harmonic techniques/overtones
    Polyrythmic playing and complex rhythm cycles
    Playing smoothly and softly with feeling
    The different bodily stations and how they affect the sound
    Vocalizations- animal sounds and more

    *Shake It Up- with Pamela Mortensen – A workshop for playing shakers and such with the didjeridoo

    *Open Q&A on Didgeridoo- Technique, practice and play with Pamela Mortensen

    *Multidrone Technique with Will Thoren
    Levels: Advanced but all skill levels are welcome
    This workshop will look at the didgeridoo through a new lens.
    Multidrone playing combines the techniques of traditional didgeridoo, brass instruments, beat box and classical singing. We’ll start from the basic level of these combined techniques to explore a system that will be totally new for most didgeridoo players.
    Learn to create multiple notes by controlling the vibration of your lips.
    Develop body control that makes it possible to play complete rhythms and drone-sounds without a didgeridoo.
    Learn to flow from an octave below the drone, to the second or higher trumpet sound.
    A multidrone instrument is not required for the workshop. It is recommend that you bring a didge in the key of E or higher, with a wax mouth piece that can be opened up to 36mm or more.

    *Didge crafting with Chad Butler

    Chad Butler demonstrates steps in didge building in an accelerated format, engages in explanation and answers questions for didge builders and aspiring didge builders of all ability levels. Approx. 2 hours.

    *Melodic Didgeridoo: How to use “Internal” Harmonics to Play Melodies on Didgeridoo with Steve Sklar
    Using lessons I’ve learned from central Asian Throat-Singing, we will practice both soft and hard-tongued approaches to developing melodic ability. Melody is one of the most important and valuable musical elements for conveying emotion and a sense of storytelling, and is lacking from much contemporary didgeridoo playing.

    *Himalayan Singing Bowls for Sound Healing, Meditation, and Music with Steve Sklar
    Explore the lore, myths and facts regarding these powerful sonic tools, including basic playing techniques, and how to select and care for bowls. Bowls will be provided for the class to use, and fine bowls will be available for purchase.

    *Soul Gazing- with Ycats Srelles
    A practice in being present, non judgement, observation and letting go.

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    Scott Hennes

    OMG this workshop selection is super exciting!

    Stacy Sellers

    Isn’t it?! 😀

    Karen Bishop

    Wow this is going to be amazing 🙂 Thanks for all your work in helping to make this happen Stacy!

    Stacy Sellers

    Thanks! Back at you, Karen. <3

    Chad Butler

    I’m very very excited about the Soul Gazing workshop. Heathre did this one before and absolutely raved about it.


    What a great variety of areas to play with! Do the workshops start on Friday? Will we get the schedule when we arrive?

    Stacy Sellers

    Yes, workshops start on Friday. 🙂 Get there early because the schedule is jam packed. The schedule will be posted at the venue Friday morning.

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