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    Stacy Sellers

    There are people that have expressed interest in both teaching and taking workshops during the time in between the events. I’m still working out the kinks but here is something to chew on for now. Please feel free to comment here.
    These workshops may be held during the week of August 15-18 (Monday-Thursday) at Chad Butler’s place in Scio, just down the street from Neal Creek Resort.
    These workshops are not free and each teacher will decide their own price based on class and attendance.

    Steve Sklar is available for:
    Sound healing w/Himalayan singing bowls and didg,
    Didg for sleep apnea,
    Throat-singing and
    Underwater basket weaving

    Quinto Calarco is also available for workshops TBA

    Chad Butler is available for one on one didge crafting

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    Chad Butler

    I’ll offer didge crafting ‘make-a-didge’ for just the first two who reserve a space at my place in the in-between days. The two students will be guided through every step from selecting a log to applying the final finish coats. Four days is wicked fast for this process and the students will be expected to apply themselves appropriately.

    The didge you make will take more of my time and effort than me just making you a didge, so the price is about the same- $500, but you get the didge, the knowledge, the experience, and 4 more days of paradise with awesome didge family. ¬†Every penny this workshop and my didge sales create over the InDidjInUs (half month) will go directly to my kids for their European trip in September, so it’s not just helping a jerk, it’s helping a jerks sweet kids. ¬† : )

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