Dan Flynn 2017


The mysticism of the Australian trumpet, known as the “didgeridoo”, has found in the musician Dan Flynn new modes of expression, transcendent emotions and danceable beats.

His experience as a drummer enriches his unique approach, as he integrates simultaneously the didgeridoo and various percussion accessories to produce a sound best described as “organic electronica”. The sound is often referred to as “astral” or “cosmic”.

Workshop with William Thoren

Dan Flynn & William Thoren
Playable Spectrum workshop
All levels/No didge required.
1.5 hour FREE

Below the drone and between the upper partials (toots). This workshop explores the possibilities of a new territory for didgeridoo players. Every didgeridoo has a greater spectrum of playable notes than is frequently used by even the most advanced players in the world. William & Dan will break down where you can find these notes and how they work. Combining the techniques of multidrone, false tones, pedal tones and an analysis of physics and the brass world, one may achieve 10 or more playable tones on a didgeridoo without valves or slides.