Dan Flynn / William MacGavin

Dan Flynn / William MacGavin



Didge Acoustic Science and Music Theory


A ) Acoustics and Design:

1) Didge Science — We will define some acoustical principles and vocabulary, as we unravel the physical properties of didgeridoos.

2) Design — For crafters, we will discuss how to manipulate the shape of the didge in order craft the sound you desire. For players, we will talk about how to seek out your desired instrument.


B ) Applied Didgeridoo Music Theory:

1) Theoretical side — This is an exploration of how the interval relationships between the playable resonances of a simple pipe relate to music theory. With its expanded range in contemporary playing styles, the didge is conceived of as a “melodic drone” instrument. We will map out this full melodic range.

2) Applied Side — We will cover various playing techniques used to sound the different resonances of the expanded range (e.g., toots, false toots, open-tones, and vocals) on any given didge.

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Applied Didgeridoo Music Theory

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