The Future of InDidjInUs

The Future of InDidjInUs


The future of InDidjInUs is up to you. The organizers need more people to help. There should ideally be about 10 people organizing this event and right now it’s about 6.

This should be a short meeting with a ceremony to recruit people to hold the vision of InDidjInUs moving forward.

We need at minimum a webmaster or two, a secretary, treasurer, communications director, volunteer director, vending coordinator, music booking agent, sound coordinator, and some general organizers and administrators. There is room to overlap roles and people are welcome to take on more than one role, but life is busy and it’s better to keep things simple. Redundancy in roles would be ideal also.

We will need people to maintain some sort of vision to direct InDidjInUs into the future.


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It is time to get involved