Will Kappes

Will Kappes


Carnatic & Persian Rhythms/Techniques applied to Didgeridoo

This workshop will explore differen’t ways to express world ryhtms (Carnatic and Persian) to the didgeridoo through the use of spoken words–“Bols”. Each Bol on a drum corresponds to a particular hand technique and stroke, these particulars will produce a specific noticiable sound when played.
When applied to the didge the Bols can be implemented through the use of differing mouth techniques.

The workshop will teach and explore differen’t ways to play various bols, work on clarity of these bols, and how they can be implemented into complex rhythems found in persian and Indian Carnatic rhythms.

I will teach using drums and didgeridoo along with a whiteboard for visual assistance.

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Carnatic & Persian Rhythms Applied to the Didgeridoo
Bring a didge
All abilities