Stephen Kent

Stephen Kent


1.The Didjeridu – a Whole Body Instrument

Advanced playing workshop with Stephen Kent

– Diaphragm rhythm and playing techniques
– Multiple layering of sound.
– Advanced Harmonic techniques/Overtones
– Polyrhythmic playing and complex rhythm cycles
– Playing smoothly and softly with feeling.
– The different bodily stations and how they affect the sound.
– Vocalizations – Animal sounds and more.
– A One Note Orchestra.


2. Didj Masterclass & Cultural Perspectives

– Compositional approaches to solo Didjeridu
– Improvisation in Music
– Performing on Didj & Percussion
– Playing with OTHER musicians
-Women and the Didj
– Connecting to the source.
+ Stories, Angles & Wisdom on 35+ years of learning Didj…

– This workshop also challenges the participants to bring along their own solo compositions and we will constructively deconstruct and critique those while offering ideas for evolution and improvement.

Event Timeslots (2)

The Didjeridu – a Whole Body Instrument
Bring a didge

Didj Masterclass & Cultural Perspectives
Bring a didge