Jamie Hogetsu Orfanella


Jamie Orfanella has been a professional musician and educator for 30 years and has performed, taught and run clinics across the United States, Germany and Taiwan. He has a degree in music education from the University of North Texas where he was a member of the North Texas Jazz Singers and several lab bands and jazz combos. He teaches instrumental music in the Valley View school district in Archbald, PA and is the director of jazz at both Wyoming Seminary Upper School and the Performing Arts Institute summer program. As an active freelance trumpet player, he performs in a wide variety of styles from jazz to rock to classical. He was the leader of the a cappella group Cincopella from 1993-1997 and the 7 piece swing band Molten Swing from 1999-2001. He is currently a member of the 11-piece R&B/funk party band Daddy O and the Sax Maniax.

Through his training in traditional Okinawan martial arts, Jamie found himself drawn to the sound of the Japanese Shakuhachi flute. He is now a licensed teacher of the instrument holding the rank of Jun Shihan and was given the professional name of Hogetsu by his teacher, the late grand master Ronnie Nyogetsu Reishin Seldin- head of the Ki Sui An shakuhachi dojo. The shakuhachi led Jamie to connections with other areas of world music in which he began to immerse himself. As a didgeridoo player and crafter, Jamie has been influenced by many of the finest players including Stephen Kent, and Jeremy Donovan. His ever-expanding array of instruments also includes the quena, dizi, xiao, hulusi, duduk, kalyuka, Fulani koncova, kaval, bansuri and Native American flutes, pennywhistles, jaw harps, ukulele, ocarinas, various percussion, and the EWI midi wind controller. He performs many solo and small combo world music fusion gigs including being half of the duo Tribal Waves.


Introduction to the Shakuhachi Flute:

Presented by licensed shakuhachi teacher Jamie Hogetsu Orfanella. This workshop will give the participants the opportunity to learn the basics of tone production, reading Japanese music notation and the history of the traditional Japanese flute. PVC shakuhachi will be available to use for the workshop free of charge. Participants can keep the flute for a minimal charge

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Introduction to the Shakuhachi Flute
Shakuhachi provided
All abilities
$Free or $10